In the following lines, you will find information about our Privacy Policy. Data Protection

Bonustested is aware of the importance of keeping your data safe. Any information gathered through your use of the website will remain confidential and no information will be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed to third-parties. Any information that we may gather will remain in our database and will not be used without your explicit consent.

We work diligently to introduce the necessary set of security and control measures that allow us to protect your data and keep it private from third parties that may be interested in obtaining it. However, we list several cases under ‘Use of Personal Information" when certain uses of the collected data are allowed. Information may be collected while you interact with our website or send us an e-mail. No information regarding your real name, address, or contact phone will be collected, unless you provide us with such data yourself, out of your free will. Using the Internet, though, does carry certain risks, and we cannot completely protect your information if exposed to serious online hacking by ill-meaning parties.

Use of Personal Information

The data we collect and use is in accordance with the provisions stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. The cases in which we may use your data include, but are not limited to:

  • In cases where you have agreed to secondary use or disclosure of the information we have collected in the course of browsing our website;
  • If the information we have on you is requested by legal authorities;
  • In cases of acquisition of the Owner by another business entity or merger or on the off chance the Owner files for bankruptcy or enacts an insolvency procedure


The Site carries hyperlinks to third-party websites, which will bind visitors by their own set of terms of use and privacy policies. We, however, do not hold any responsibility for the manner such places collect, store and ultimately use your information. As a result, we advise you to make sure and read the specific documentation and Privacy Policy of the portals you are visiting when leaving the Site.

Use of Site by Minors

The Site’s contents are not intended for individuals under the age of 18. As a result, such individuals shouldn’t disclose any personal information to the Site or other parties.

Advertisements & Endorsements:

Any advertisement in the Site abides by the same Privacy Policy guidelines.

Collection of Browser Information:

Our website is interested in collecting your data in the sole purpose to improving the functionality of Bonustested and making sure that we can provide what you need. We will not link any personal information with specific browsers.

What and How Personal Information is Collected

We will collect and process data about you depending under which of the following category/ies you belong:

a. Browsing through the Site

When simply visiting the Site, whether as a user or a non-registered individual, we may collect the following information:

  • Technical information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is utilized by your computer to connect you with the Internet. We will collect login information, browser type and version, as well as your time zone setting, available browser plug-ins as well as their purpose and versions, along with the name of your internet service provider (ISP). In addition, we will make sure to check your device in order to gauge the incoming traffic from laptops and mobile devices. We will also look into the operating system (OS). In all of these instances, we will apply the most rigorous standards of security and care. We allocate the utmost level of importance to your personal data. All of the information we collect is only used for our own internal benefit to optimize the website.

  • Using the website from a mobile device means we may collect your mobile device make as well as your mobile carrier information.

  • We may collect Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and page interaction information.

  • Information received from cookies will also be featured as part of our data collection.

  • The Site is also using certain tools that enable it to collect information from certain analytics platforms, which help us see how we position on the market. We will obtain your OS from the device you are logging with, access times, browser type, and language, as well as the websites you have visited prior to starting up the Site. For additional information about your privacy do refer to "Collection of Browser Information".

b. Signing Up for a Newsletter or Signing Up for a Promotion

When you choose to receive our newsletters or a specific promotion, we will record your name and e-mail address and use the information to contact you. You may opt-out of any promotional feature or newsletter you have signed up for.

c. Contact us

Information you provide to us during sessions with the support team will be duly recorded.

Personal Information Disclosure to Third Parties

a.  The Site will not trade, share, transfer, or disclose any of the users’ personal information, except in the cases where the Privacy Policy allows this and only when in compliance with the active laws.

b.  We constantly seek to enrich our own offer with the services of companies that will add value to your own experience on our website without compromising data.

c.  The Site retains its right to provide raw data in the form of statistical information to third parties without disclosing your identity.

d.  The Site may provide your personal data to its affiliates for the purposes of expanding its business operations.

e.  In the event of a deal that affects the ownership of the website, the site will have to undertake certain Privacy Policy changes or even move your data. If this comes to pass, the Site will inform you beforehand.

f.  We may need to release your data if we are petitioned by legal parties.

g.  We don’t provide any warranty when it comes to third-party websites that are linked from the Site or link back to us.


Bonustested reserves the right to update and change the privacy policy at its own discretion and as it sees fit to better reflect the specific needs of the casino. We retain all information collected and use it for analysis of how to develop our services. We use the information to better analyse our traffic and do updates and necessary changes. The Site may also review and change its privacy policy, so we highly recommend to read Privacy Policy page to stay informed.